Important information about our working strategy

Updated Wednesday 1st July 2020

With the lifting of the restrictions for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses from this weekend, we are pleased to advise all of our customers, we are ready to be able to look after your laundry requirements again, whatever these might be under the ‘new normal’.

However for the time being, we are unable to resume the normal routes that we ran prior to lockdown, as we are waiting to see which customers are opening, and when, which will then allow us to gradually bring back staff currently on furlough as the workload allows. We then we hope in the coming weeks to be able to revert back to the call days you have all been accustomed to.

Therefore, if your business is re-opening from the 5th of July and you haven’t made contact with us to re-instate deliveries and collections as yet, if you could kindly contact either myself or Linda on any of the contact details below, we can add you to our delivery schedules for the week commencing the 6th of July ready for your first collection.

We would like to take this opportunity to advise all of our customers, that working closely with our chemical suppliers, we have upgraded all of our wash processes to meet even higher standards that our industry recommends, in order to provide you with the peace of mind that our laundry exceeds the requirements of BS 14065, and all our laundry processed has achieved chemical-thermal disinfection with every load.

We recognise the importance of social distancing not only on our premises, but on your premises as well. If you would prefer our driver not to enter your premises, please contact the office so revised arrangements can be made. Our drivers have masks, gloves and sanitiser on board, and will exercise good hygiene practice at all times, as well as following our strict H&S requirements.

You are welcome to contact us either by e-mail, or by phone, using the contact information below.

This information will be updated when new or revised Government information is available.

Contact details: Office 01403 263108

James Nugent
Tel: 07765 402313

Linda Martin
Tel: 07887 564938