Customers Own Linen

As an alternative to using our rented laundry services, a popular option is for customers to purchase their own items from us, but still utilise our laundry services. All rented products are also available for purchase and come with the same guarantee of high quality and durability as well across the same range of modern and traditional styles.

We label all purchased items allowing us to maintain the highest levels of reliability during the laundering process, continually check for not only the quality of the washing but also on the serviceability of the linen – any item not meeting our high standards is automatically reprocessed. In order to implement these checks, all linen is folded by hand, allowing us another opportunity to monitor quality and check for defects.

Owned Linen

Our laundering service is not just restricted to products that we supply. Often customers will have their own linen but need a reliable way of getting them laundered. Whether, owned, rented or purchased, our commitment to quality is consistently high and we never loose sight of the fact that your reputation for excellence is in our hands.

We can label any linen that you own to ensure we maintain the highest levels of service and reliability. We insist on hand folding all linen, allowing us the opportunity of monitoring all aspects of quality and check for defects.

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